Professional Packaging. 
Simple Affordable Pricing.
Because of our shipping volume, we have negotiated shipping rates with DHL and UPS which all of our clients get to enjoy the benefit of. Also, since we purchase packaging products in bulk and ship a high volume of packages, we are able to pass even greater savings along to our clients!
Our Simple Pricing Model
Setup Fee: NONE
Receiving Fee: NONE
Returns Fee: 2.00/return
Storage Fee: NONE
(for up to 30 days of revolving inventory)
Any additional inventory beyond your 30 day revolving allotment will be charged at a rate of $0.45 per cubic foot per month. 
Pick & Pack Fee:
750 to 9,999 orders/month - 1.90/order
10,000+ orders/month - 1.70/order
Additional 0.15 per item starting with the 3rd item in the order
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