In the video below, you will learn exactly how our entire fulfillment process works from start to finish...everything from sourcing your products to what happens once we receive your inventory to your customer's buying experience...
Don't just take our word for it...
See what some of our current clients are saying...
Mariana F, Portugal 
Currently doing 3,000-3,500 orders per month
Dylan K, Canada 
Currently doing 6,000-6,500 orders per month
Rosemarie H, Canada 
Currently doing 12,000-13,000 orders per month
"Working with Shipped4Me is one of the best decisions that we've made! It has helped us reduce customer service issues. Customers are increasingly demanding and don't want to wait 2 weeks for their orders. They want a quality product WITH fast shipping. It was really easy and quick to start working with the fulfillment center and their customer support is just great! Billy is always there to help with whatever we need ... even with overnight shipping! We highly recommend!"

“Shipped4Me is an absolute no brainer. Before Shipped4Me our delivery times were 3-5 weeks. With Shipped4Me our delivery times are sub 96 hours. This gives us the ability not only to scale our business to heights we hadn’t been able to in the previous 18 months, but scale a business filled with satisfied, RETURNING customers. Billy has been pivotal in our success with fulfillment and is always an email away.”

"I just wanted to quickly say thank you for everything that Shipped4Me is doing for us. You are ALWAYS available and ALWAYS willing to work with us. So thank you for all the hard work and for supporting our company."

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