Is there a minimum number of orders per month?
We typically require that you are doing at least 600 orders per month (on average) to become a client. Once you become one of our clients, there is no minimum that you have to keep up with each month. For example, we would not charge you for 600 shipments if you ended up having 500 for the month. We won't beat you when you're down!

Do each of my items have to be labeled by my supplier?
No, we do not require the items to be bar coded or labeled by the supplier unless it is needed to differentiate between sizes of an item. We do appreciate it if the supplier would include a packing slip in each box that your products are shipped in though. This makes it much easier on us when we are checking in your inventory and allows us to not have to charge our clients for receiving inventory.

Do you have an affiliate or referral program?
Yes, anyone who refers a client to us will receive a $100 up front payment (per client) and $0.10 per order that we fulfill for the client or clients they referred. You do not have to be one of our clients to receive these benefits. If you are a client and refer another client to us, your earnings from their shipments will be credited to your account on a weekly basis. If you are not a client and refer a client or clients to us, your earnings will be paid every two weeks by check or direct deposit, whichever you prefer. The total earnings will be capped at $1500 per client that you refer.

How can my customer return an item?
We can email a prepaid return label to them through our shipping software or they can mail it through different means back to the return address that is on the package they received their order in.

Do you ship internationally?
We are able to ship anywhere in the world. The shipping rates are much higher when the package has to go across water so the main country we regularly ship to, other than the United States, is Canada. The price point of the product and willingness of the customers to pay a higher shipping rate are usually the deciding factors on whether a client wants us to ship international orders or not. 

How can I keep track of my inventory levels?
We send weekly inventory reports so you can keep track of your inventory levels. We can send them to you more often if needed.
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